What if you knew that everything in your closet looked great on you? 

 Photo by Chris Wiley

Photo by Chris Wiley

Brands you Trust

Trunk Club carries the top-quality apparel you've come to expect from Nordstrom, at a range of price points.

 Photo by Chris Wiley

Photo by Chris Wiley

Stylists who listen

Chat with a real person - in real time- about everything from fit to budget to outfitting advice. 


 Photo by Chris Wiley

Photo by Chris Wiley

Wardrobes that work

Trunk Club will find clothes that you love so that you can feel confident every day, for every occasion. 



I'm a firm believer that having a great wardrobe is key for CONFIDENCE, but as a busy entrepreneur I always lacked the time to go shopping. That's why I've been using Trunk Club. They assign me with my own personal stylist and send me new clothes directly to my home! 

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The Fall Starter Trunk

I love to embrace the first chill of the season with pieces that layer to create a casual yet refined look. This versatile wardrobe comprises rich colors and cozy fabrics so you can wear it anywhere.

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